General Contractor

As general contractor, we assume responsibility for a project once precise design criteria have been set forth in working drawings and specifications. Theoretically, all general contractors should construct buildings that are identical to the completed drawings and are completed on the scheduled date and within the project budget. In reality, such is not the case.

The differences among contractors hinge on expertise, as well as diligence in closely monitoring the subcontractors’ work. Budget consciousness and a dedication to deadlines are not only technical concerns, but also matters of attitude. Harmony in working with other team members is crucial. Team unity produces foresight to avoid delays and problems. At H W Davis Construction, Inc., we have consistently achieved our client’s budget, quality and schedule goals by creating an environment that strives for excellence.

Design Build

Design-build delivery vests responsibility for all design and construction in a single firm. A key reason for using the design-build approach is to save time and cost, particularly with respect to the time and cost of coordination between the architect and general contractor. This approach also allows for early delivery of a guaranteed maximum price prior to completion of the design.